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Our licensed and specialized therapists include professional counselors, clinical social workers, chemical dependency counselors, sex therapists, registered behavior technicians, and certified behavior analysts. Together we work together to build our individual persons a customized treatment plan to create optimal treatment outcomes. We are unique in nature as we provide all specialized treatment in-clinic, in-home, in community settings, and via telehealth.  


ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Therapy

ABA therapy is an evidence-based treatment used commonly for persons diagnosed with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is a form of therapy that examines how behavior works and how it’s impacted by certain environments. The goal behind ABA therapy and its therapeutic strategies is to help people engage in positive behaviors such as communication, social/play skills, or daily and personal living skills while minimizing the presence of negative ones such as aggression or self-injurious behavior. Once we understand what the behavior looks like and why it is happening, it allows us to change the environment to support learning. Ultimately, this could help people improve their independence, which could yield positive long-term benefits. 

Positive Life & Learning Solutions, LLC is dedicated to the principles of ABA therapy while including the person in their treatment plan, and collaborating with their treatment team, family, and community resources to help the person reach their most positive life. We provide direct 1:1 therapy and social skill group therapy. 

An essential component of ABA therapy is training. We are here to help support the person needing treatment, as well as those in their immediate environment to help them learn ABA techniques to better serve the person outside of the clinic setting. In addition, we believe in training the community such as schools, daycare facilities, first responders, and medical professionals on the principles of ABA therapy to help them understand  persons living with Autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities. Included with direct ABA therapy, Positive Life & Learning Solutions also provides consultation.



ABA supervision, and ABA training for the following services:

  • Individual Caregiver Training

  • Group Caregiver Training

  • Community Training 

  • Professional Development Training

  • BCBA, BCaBA, and RBT supervision by a BCBA-D


We offer a variety of counseling services provided by professionally trained and properly licensed professionals who are highly skilled to help you meet your therapeutic goals. Each treatment program is personalized and designed to empower people to be their best selves and find the most optimum joy in living their most positive life. 


Our Specialties:

Bilingual Mental Health Counseling 

Anxiety Counseling

Depression Counseling

LGBTQ Counseling 

Family Counseling

Stress Management

Trauma Recovery 


We provide individual, couple, and group therapy. The following group classes are currently being offered:


Positive Life 1.0 - This group targets individuals suffering from anxiety and depression.  Topics discussed are self esteem, suicide, support, and coping strategies.


Positive Life 2.0 - This group targets individuals who may suffer from controlling their anger.  The goal is to help people identify stressors and find steps to stay calm for anger management. 


Positive Life 3.0 - This is a parental support group that discusses a variety of challenges of parenting today.


Positive Life 4.0 - This group is for middle to high school age girls who may suffer from a lack of self esteem, conflict management, and social skills.


Positive Life 5.0 - This group is for middle to high school age boys who may silently suffer from a lack of self esteem, conflict management, and social skills.


Positive Life 6.0 - This group is for persons affected by physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from their partner. 


Positive Life 7.0 - This group can help with exploring gender identity or expression; exploring sexual orientation; thinking about coming out; identifying and managing depression, anxiety, or gender dysphoria; and dealing with discrimination or bullying.

Love and Happiness


Protecting Your Mind, Body,

and Soul

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